Why a new blog?

This didn’t used to be my primary gig. I didn’t think I’d be able to subsist on helping people make their work manifest. But when I committed, good things started to happen. Autonomy, new friends, new projects and new opportunities emerged and I had a chance to make a living off my art. As a man without a day job, I’ve had to be all in. It occurs to me that a single panel in my other blog doesn’t exactly scream “this is how I live.”

So, this is how I live. Project to project, book to book.  Searching the surface of Mars for traces of cliche, trailing thugs to warehouses by the docks to see if their dialogue is hokey. Making sure a misplaced comma doesn’t cause the Dark Lord Sloorath the Destroyer to incorrectly inventory his hordes of goblinoids. Sitting at a cafe watching a couple on their first date from behind a strategically-placed newspaper and interrupting when his declaration of love at first sight plagiarizes Nora Ephron.  So, I need to create  a webspace as dynamic as my lifestyle and the work I help bring to fruition. And so, here it is.


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