This Space (Sort of) For Rent (But for Free)

A lot of blogs benefit from guest bloggers. This gives others in the industry a chance to share their voice and to mix things up for the blog. I hadn’t really done this before with my old blog but this new one has encouraged me to try different things, like writing about the fundamentals of writing and editing and actually using blogging to draw attention to my services. Because of this, I’d like to open up this blog to other authors and professionals in publishing. If you have a unique perspective, a challenge, an interview with an interesting person, a project you’re kickstarting and want to talk about, an amazing, courageous pet or just a weird experience, I might like to hear about it.

So, email me at with your ideas for articles, interviews or whatever and I might have you on here as a guest blogger. Hope to hear from you all soon!



  1. CHECK, good sir. I am a devoted fan of H.P. and those who became his circle of friends. This includes who he was, his strange and his insular lifestyle, the fact he was only found in the pulps, and those who a movement in his writing.. Do you choose to have any idea how I feel about Lovecraft?..I think you do.

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