Month: July 2015

Spoooooky Stuff

Hey. In addition to editing books, I’m also a writer and critic. I’ve done a bunch of articles for Cinema Knifefight, did a couple for Examiner a few years ago and was film critic for Withersin for awhile. So, I watch and think about films a lot and what we can learn about from them. Recently, I did an article on a controversial film that frankly a lot of people flat out hate, part of a franchise that a lot of people flat out hate. I flat out hated this franchise until I saw it was a bigger ,more elaborate project than I thought. While not always perfect, it is a series that has some things to teach us about conviction, follow through and having big old castiron balls that drag along the ground, forming trenches that could protect a bunch of World War 1 soldiers from a mustard gas attack. For some thoughts that might make you want to burn me as a witch, check out Why the Human Centipede 3 May Be Better Than the Book You’re Writing and What You Can Do About It. Obviously, this is not safe for work. Unless your job is making human centipedes. Find a better job, you maniac! I am proud of this article and proud to have earned a mention on Twitter from Human Centipede director Tom Six, a classy, smart, dapper gentleman who might not make films you like but is still awesome nonetheless.

In other spoooky news, a few months ago, I appeared in the anthology Giallo Fantastique, edited by Word Horde’s Ross Lockhart. I was thrilled to have this opportunity and appear alongside Adam Cesare, Cameron Pierce, Brian Keene, Ennis Drake, Orrin Grey, Nikki Guerlain, Anya Martin, Michael Kazepis, Katherine Tobler Ross, John Langan and MP Johnson. This anthology features a bunch of stories inspired by Giallo cinema. Giallo is a genre of Italian crime film that sparked up the imaginations of such directors as Mario Bava, Dario Argento, and Lucio Fulci, it explores crime, madness and perversity through a lens of beauty, decadence and psychological mad science. The films are beautiful, lush and gory, as are these stories. If you like your horror strange and beautiful this is the antho for you.

The last piece of horror news I have may directly impact some of you. I’ve been doing copyediting for Deadite Press, contributing to film reviews on the horror genre and getting horror stories in print for quite awhile now and know the ins and outs of the genre. I also have done this for the Bizarro genre. Finally, you will get to learn about both these genres in one place, workshopping stories and seeing how the texture of dream and nightmare can be used to improve your weird fiction. In October, I will be doing an online Bizarro and horror workshop. This is a chance to be critiqued by peers and get the input of a professional editor with experience in two genres. Email me at for information. 8 slots remain so get ’em now.