Spoooky Update September

Hi again. Last time I posted on this blog. I had a series of pieces of excellent spooky news. This news ranged from a story announcement in an excellent antho where I got a lot of good ink to the announcement of my next book and workshop. Well, I have some follow up on that. There is not only another story announcement but a status update on the book and some other exciting news.

First up, my story “Pas de Deux”  will be appearing in the next issue of Splatterpunk zine. It’s a relief to be hitting more horror markets as my horror novel arrives because most of the work I have out there is Bizarro. I know some fans expect weirdness and dreamlike imagery and (for some reason) humor from me, so to see stories like this and “Hello, Handsome” get positive feedback always feels great. I’ve been writing and editing horror for ages but have only had stories like this in the genre out.

Which moves me onto my next piece of news. A God of Hungry Walls, my horror novel from Deadite Press, is currently at the printer. It will only be another week or so before I get to share this particular bit of mayhem with you. Here is the back cover copy:

“When you are within my walls, I am God.

I have always been here and I will always be. I have complete dominion. I control what you see, what you feel, and how you think. I will bend reality to whatever I wish. I will show you your worst fears and make you indulge in your darkest desires.

Your pain is my pleasure. Your tears are my ambrosia. Your despair is my joy.

I will break you.

I will ruin you.

Once you enter me, there is no escape. I will own you, forever.”

From Wonderland Book Award winning author, Garrett Cook, comes a haunted house novel unlike any you’ve ever read. Told entirely from the perspective of the haunting, A GOD OF HUNGRY WALLS is a perverse, violent, and soul-crushing take on supernatural horror.”

If perversity, gore and a whole new take on hauntings sounds good to you, you’ll like this book. I’m proud of all the emotional and intellectual leaps and bounds it made me take and of the alien voice it’s told in. I’ve been told by everyone currently reading an ARC that it’s pretty damn scary and I’m inclined to believe these particular individuals. And take a look at this cover by Alan M Clark.

God of Hungry Walls front cover 2(1)

In the foreground here is a model of a haunted house, a collaboration between generations by the artist and his father. The background is painted. I like the mixed media quality of this and the eerie vintage horror vibe it projects. I’m proud to have a book out with this cover. If you’re in Portland,  Oregon for HP Lovecraft Film Festival, or if you just live here, come to the Lovecraft Bar on October 1st. The launch party for the book is also going to be the preparty for the festival and will feature performances by myself, Jeff Burk, Bizarro authors Danger Slater and Vince Kramer, storyteller Ilana Hamilton and a testimonial from author, Buddhist priest and ghosthunter Jess Gulbranson. You do not want to miss this event.

Speaking of can’t miss events, my online Bizarro and horror workshop only has two slots left. These workshops have helped launch books, have helped authors start getting stories out there and have helped students develop into different and better authors. It can help you too. The workshop starts in October and costs only fifty dollars for four weeks of exercises you can do or for critiques of existing stories. In January, I will once again be doing my novella development workshop, in which we find the right pitch for the right book for you and we work on developing it into a book by the end of the month. This costs 100 dollars but could be what you need to get that first book out and make it stick. There are also only two slots for this.

I will only be accepting one or two novel length clients until October, so if you want my services, get in touch with me now. It’s going to be a dark, scary and magical season and I want to see you all there and to help make this process a little less scary.


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