Month: December 2015

An Opportunity Courtesy of Photographer and Writer Kristopher Hensel

I do a lot of different jobs for a lot of different clients. Sometimes this means I get to provide special opportunities for writers, or artists or publishers I know. This December and January, I get to provide another such opportunity. Photographer Kris Hensel documents the magic and mystery of life in Mexico. His work captures the vibrancy of an exciting, organic culture.  But he wants to try and do more with these pictures. That’s where some of you come in.

Kris is having a contest. There’s no entry fee. There’s no newsletter to subscribe to. There’s no restrictions on who enters. Kris and I will be judging who can write the best 1000 word story using this photo as a prompt. The winner gets 119 dollars. That’s more than 10 cents a word, which is pretty damn generous. The winning story will also appear in Kris’ upcoming book of photos and prose.

Here is the photo.


Send a 1000 word story about and inspired by this photo to by February 14th. Kris and I will then decide who wrote the best story and award them the prize. There are no restrictions on entry and don’t worry about whether you have worked with me or not.  I have high expectations of authors I know, so they’ll be working as hard as writers I don’t. Good luck to everyone!