Month: March 2016

Photo Contest Finalists and Winner Announced

Hello, everyone. You will see my previous post was about a photo caption contest courtesy of photographer and writer Kristopher Hensel. Well, the contest played out and we got a bunch of entries. This was a tough decision for us but we managed to narrow it down to a top five and then to a victor. Here’s a statement from Kristopher:

“Everyone engaged in creative pursuits is a winner. Keep your pencils sharp – we’ll do it again soon.”

Hear that? More opportunities on the horizon. Exciting, huh? Well, not as exciting as it will be for one lucky writer.

Here is the picture that all five finalists had to work with.


There’s a lot you can do with that. Is it literal? Is it metaphor? Is it magick? Is it art? All the contestants wrestled with this and came at it from different angles but five did it best.

Gary Arthur Brown

Lee Widener

Lynn Mc Sweeney

Chad Lutzke

Baz Harrigan

These are the five that impressed me most. From here, Kris and I conferred and we picked one standout whose work absolutely blew Kris away.

That standout was Lynn Mc Sweeney.

Congratulations, Lynn! Bragging rights and the 119 dollar prize are yours. Keep watching my page for more opportunities like this. Finalists will be eligible to enter the next contest but Lynn, the winner, will not. You could be next!