May Day Twenty Four Hour Flash Contest

Sometimes when you freelance and self promote, you feel like things are getting a bit stale, or you’re shouting into the void or nobody’s having fun anymore . You can accept it and post your links every twenty four hours, or, if you’re a creative person, you can try something new. So, I’d like to give some of you a fun opportunity, have a little fun myself and drum up some energy on what some faiths see as one of the most powerful and dynamic days of the year. Here’s a way to win a copy of my perverse, weird haunted house novel A God of Hungry Walls.

I’m giving you all until midnight to win yourself one of four prizes, either a slot in July’s short story writing workshop or one of three ebooks of A God of Hungry Walls. How about we make some magic?

Participants have until midnight to write the best description of themselves and an activity they’re doing from the perspective of their house. This scene can be up to 500 words long. If you want to enter, post your scene on the Facebook page for my editing services.

I will then pick the four best and hand out the prizes. Also remember that anyone who decides to snag a slot in my next few workshops gets a free ebook of their choice. Good luck!


God of Hungry Walls front cover 2(1). I will pick the four best.




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