About Me

Hi. I’m an author, a poet, a critic, a singer/songwriter. And most importantly to those of you who’ve come here, I’m an editor. I have five books in print, I co-created a magazine and I have on two occasions won a contest to determine who is the weirdest of America’s weirdest authors. I have run submission boxes, edited a magazine, proofread and copy-edited for various publishers and have helped a lot of authors get started on their work or take to a whole other place entirely.

Personally, I write Bizarro and horror fiction. My work is weird, extreme and maybe not for  everyone, so you might on the surface think I’m not right for what you do.  I see things differently. I work on the fringes of acceptability and with editors and publishers on the edge.  From that place, it’s hard to be surprised, it’s hard to be shocked and it’s integral to keep an open mind. With a wide open mind and a lot of different perspectives, I feel comfortable treading on all kinds of turf and have done so. I’ve edited urban fiction, a guide to fishing, fantasy, science fiction, Bizarro, memoir, extreme horror, romance and all manner of other stuff.  There’s a good view from the edge.

So, if you’re looking for an editor, I’m here. I have knowledge, experience, a fresh perspective and connections in the small press. I’ve not only  edited books but helped place them with publishers as well. I’m here for you and your work. Nobody’s perfect, but I can help.


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