Bizarro Fiction: Open Markets and Opportunities

This section is under construction but as I gather info, there will be more for you to look at. Bizarro fiction is the primary genre I work in and the primary community I work with. While I edit a very diverse range of works, I am able to teach, mentor and publish more material in the Bizarro genre. For more info on Bizarro Fiction, check out Bizarro Central. An asterisk indicates that I have personally worked with this person or press in some capacity and can recommend them directly based on personal experience.

Presses that publish Bizarro Fiction:

Eraserhead Press*

Fungasm Press*

Lazy Fascist Press*

Raw Dog Screaming Press*

Anti Oedipus Press

Rooster Republic Press*

King Shot Press (an imprint of Broken River Books)

Bizarro Pulp Press (an imprint of Journalstone)*

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing*

Civil Coping Mechanisms

Fireside Press*

Holy Mountain Outreach (an imprint of Dynatox Ministries)*

Dog Horn Publishing*

Omnium Gatherum*

Double Life Press

Seven Archons Press

Jaded Ibis Press

Oneiros Press

Burning Bulb Press

Strangehouse Books*


Bizarro Friendly Magazines and Ezines:

The Lazy Fascist Review*


The Strange Edge*

Strange Story Saturdays

The Imperial Youth Review* (I edit this)

Open anthology calls:

How to Win at Ultravision (Edited by Bradley Sands)*

Hooked on Bizarro (Edited by Garrett Cook)*

Destroy All Robots (Edited by Jordan Krall)*

Untitled Orville Reddenbacker Anthology (Edited by John Skipp)*

Unicornado (Edited by Christine Morgan)

Blood for You: A Tribute to GG Alin (Edited by MP Johnson)*


Bizarro Friendly Events/Events Attended by Bizarro Presses:

Bizarrocon (Convention- Portland, OR)*

H.P Lovecraft Film fest and Cthulhucon

World Horror Convention

The Hour that Stretches (Reading series Portland, OR)*

Choreography of Violence Workshop (Instructor John Skipp via Litreactor)

Online Bizarro Workshop in May (Instructor Garrett Cook)*

Bizarro Novella Development Workshop (Instructor Garrett Cook)*


Editors For Hire with Bizarro Experience:

J David Osborne*

Bradley Sands*

Garrett Cook*

Edward Morris*


Podcasts Featuring Bizarro Work or Topics

Surreal Sermons*

Strange the World *

The Hour That Reverses*


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