I charge for services depending upon the length of the manuscript and whether the book requires standard editing services or development edits. Standard  services include markups, line edits and margin notes. But, development edits require more time and energy  and several consultations so are therefore cost more.  Talk to me if this is something you want for your book.  If you’re serious about booking a project, I recommend having a Skype session where we’ll talk about the premise of your book and get to know each other and your project. For questions and bookings email thecentercannothold@gmail.com


Skype/Phone Consultation 30 minutes  $50

$50 we talk for half an hour about your project. We’ll discuss the marketability, whether it sounds like other things in the landscape, tweaks for the pitch and more. This is highly recommended at the front end of development edits. Just click below and email me and we can arrange a time!


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Face to Face 60 dollars+ 30 dollars per hour after the first hour

If you are in Portland, Oregon, I can sit with you and meet and talk to you at a bar or restaurant for an afternoon about your project and possible future consultations. We will hang out, talk and discuss what can happen next. If you live in town and you want development work done, this comes highly recommended.

Short stories under 10,000 words 3 for 50 dollars


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10,001-22,000 words $100

22,000-39,999 words  $150

40,000-75,000 words $ 200

75,000-90,000 words $220

Book with a 110 dollar retainer

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90,001-119,000 words $ 350

Book with a 175 dollar retainer

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119,001- 150,000  $600

Longer  than that +50 per thirty thousand words up to a max of 500




  1. Have a very rough book written I would love to get edited. It will be in March that I will be able to afford to do this. I had a couple of questions. Is this a full edit or just checking for grammatical errors? Do you fix the format for me? I have never tried to do a book so I am completely new to this and I wrote this book as a dare and would love to finish it right. So basically I am asking what I can expect from your services. Thanks

  2. Got a book that I self-published and in which I can’t get anyone to read. Can I pay you to read it, tell me what you think, and to show it around if it’s any good? Kind of skirts the edges of Bizarro, but features a character with a sentient head wound; the world’s lone honest thief, who also happens to be a philosopher and who hides behind a luchador mask that he never removes; a character who communicates primarily through shrugs; a character that may or may not be a monster/mutant/freak; and a character that experiences periodic breakdowns within the fabric of spacetime.

    The book’s gotten really good responses from the few people I’ve convinced to read it. I can send a more thorough description if you’re at all interested.

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