The Blackbook: clients and testimonials

Here are some testimonials and some information on some of my satisfied customers.

Laura Roberts, author of Naked Montreal


“Garrett edited the second installment in my Naked Montreal series, and I really appreciated having that second set of eyes on my work. He made great suggestions that helped make the manuscript more accessible to those who’ve never experienced Montreal, and took the cheese level down a notch or two as well. When it comes to humorous erotica, it’s good to know whether you’ve landed the punchline or just taken things a little too far for human decency. Garrett’s bizarro background really comes in handy for finding that line between being suitably outrageous vs. totally over the top.”


My notes on the job: Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a consummate stylist, which almost left me at a loss when it came to finding the areas of the book that needed bolstering. Sometimes a manuscript’s needs are not apparent at first glance and it takes a bit and then you hit that “Eureka!” moment.

Michael Bray author of Whisper

“I can’t praise the meticulous and professional service that i received from Garrett for my latest novel Whisper enough. not only did he edit to perfection, but also offered some insightful suggestions towards the plot as a whole, which led to me reworking certain aspects to make the story better. if you are looking for a professional, thorough,competitively priced editor, then look no further.”- Michael Bray, author of Whispers and Funhouse
My notes on the job: Michael earned his place on the Bram Stoker Awards prelim ballot with Whisper. He’s a genuine heir to the Leisure horror paperback generation, a good writer in the tradition of Tales from the Crypt and Stephen King. Preserving a commercial horror tone while helping Michael’s words get the oomph and rhythm they needed was key. His book made doing that a pleasure. A great guy who’s going places.
Glenn Krisch, author of The Nightmare Within, Where Darkness Dwells and Brother’s Keeper
“Garrett Cook is everything you would want in an editor: incisive, prompt, and professional.  I will gladly work with him again on future projects.”
My notes on the job: Glenn is a consummate pro and it was great dealing with an author of his caliber. No matter where you are in your career, an extra set of eyes can help. I’m glad Glenn chose mine for Where Darkness Dwells and The Nightmare Within
Justin Grimbol, author of The Party Lords:
“Garrett is quick and efficient. He is kind but honest. He’s thoughtful and well versed in more genres than I even knew existed before I met him. He is courteous. He is thorough. He has an amazing sense of humor. All these things are evident in his editing. I always feel better submitting my work knowing that Garrett has gone over it first.”
My notes on the job:  I’ve edited a book of poetry and two novellas for Justin. Seeing him grow his work and explore new places is always a pleasure.
Carol Maloney Rissmeyer author of There Are No Men and Afraid of Her Shadow
“As an aspiring romantic comedy writer, I was a bit concerned that a B izarro fiction expert may not be the ideal editor for my first novel. Boy, was I wrong! Garrett’s open minded nature and varied experiences made him the perfect partner for this fledgeling author with a fairly sheltered past. He helped me to see not only the mechanics of crafting my story, but the way my characters and plot lines would be viewed by diverse readers. Garrett was instrumental in transforming my book into a piece of work of which I am immensely proud, and that has garnered much initial praise from beta readers, and inspired me to get to work on my next story.”
Notes on the job: I enjoy development edits a lot. The engineering aspect of the job seriously interests me, so taking a piece and watching it grow from the ground up is a huge pleasure and really was while working with Carol. Carol’s enthusiasm and love of he work will take her far.

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