In addition to editing, I teach quarterly writing workshops, usually focused on horror and Bizarro writing. Learning as a group, you generate either four short pieces or a few submittable stories. These are cross platform, done via Facebook and Discord, featuring video lectures and critiques. Students in these workshops have gone on to produce many books, stories and more.

Donations can be made to give out free slots to POC and LGBTQIA authors. I will match up to 2 of these donations for novella workshops or up to 5 for short story. Explanations below. Here is my 2022 schedule 

2022 Workshop Schedule


Novella Workshop

Write a book from pitch to completion. I monitor your work day by day as the group critiques you. You may not finish but at the end you will have a premise, you will have a trajectory and you will have substantial critiques. Some of these books have gone on to see print or have been selected for the New Bizarro Author Series. Loosen up your ideas and get something out there. These are done via Facebook group as it is quick and efficient means of sharing information and interacting. I will be working on a book of my own start to finish as we do this, so we can explore this process together.

Flash Fiction and Drabble

Create a series of short fiction pieces under 1500 words. Prompts to encourage generating several pieces each week.

Short Fiction

Through prompts and exercises, we will generate four short stories. We’ll talk about how to submit, occasionally where to submit and look at what makes a short story different from other forms. Each participant receives a free critique of a piece written before the workshop.

Poetry and Lyrics

While I am not typically known for my poetry, poetry was a big part of my academic background. I have written a body of poems, headhunted poets for publishers and performed my poems on several occasions. I’ve written lyrics for a band and have even had songs I’ve written receive radio play. I want to help improve your ear, your imagery and your relationship to your own subconscious.


  1. Hi, Garrett.

    I’d like to sign up for the August Novella Workshop. What is the best way to get my payment to you?


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